St. Joseph/St. Anthony Catholic Churches

Parish Priests Along the Way
Father William Oliver was appointed the sixth pastor of St. Joseph/St. Anthony from 1984-1989. The parishioners continued with the various church activities. He had a great devotion for the Blessed Mother. Father Oliver purchased statues for the Nativity Crib at Christmas. He loved to sing the Ave Marie and Salva Reginia. He had a great love for the elders.

Father Gerald Lewis was appointed the seventh Pastor of St. Joseph/St. Anthony from 1985 to 1988. Upon his arrival, full congregational singing became a reality. Before mass would begin, he would go over the music for the particular Sunday or feast day with the parishioners.

Father Brendan Murphy was appointed the eighth pastor of St. Joseph/St. Anthony from 1991-1999. He had a love for nature, and made provisions for the beautification of the church and the grounds. The summer institute and computer classes became a reality for the young people of the parish. Religious education changed from weekly to once a month on Saturdays. Our Lady of the Rosary Ct. 115 provided breakfast along with other groups. The church renovation continued under the spiritual leadership of Father Brendan Murphy. Stained glass windows were installed and new carpet was installed over the entire church. Church fairs became very active with Midway Carnival coming for the first time to our parish grounds. The Annual Beauty Pageant was started for the parishioners during our annual fall festival. The Broussard Fall Festival became a reality. Father Brendan Murphy changed the procedures for Holy Thursday services from washing of the feet to washing of the hands.

Father Michael M. Sucharski, S.V.D. the ninth Pastor of St. Joseph/St. Anthony returned to Broussard, La. on July 1, 1999 after being away for a while. The parishioners welcomed Father Mike with open arms. It was a joy to have him return to us after an absence of many years. Father Mike returned with a sense of church renewal for everyone. Parishioners felt a sense of commitment to reactivate themselves to religious services. Some fallen-away parishioners returned with a renewed sense of following the church again. Father Mike brought back the holistic sense of religious services.

Our Parish History
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